Friday, December 26, 2008

Well then I guess that's that.

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tom nihilist said...

No, that's not quite that, I'm just taking some time for inner reflection, trying to figure out my next move. Kinda shutdown and retool (ála Kramer in the 'Merv Griffin set' episode)!

That's actually partly true the sicknesses (which were pretty much just a 24Hrs thing, thank you littleBABYjesus) have thrown me off my stride. And I've also been half-assedly circling around a few different aMNIHILIST posts and making a favicon for that blog. But I can't seem to finish those off either.

I'm still loading up my image-banks like crazy it's just nothing's coming together (looking right) that can hold the jock of your masterpiece.

And then w/ the above post you just did? I just . . . I have to sit back in awe!